cast iron in oven

Can cast iron go in oven? (Quick Answer)

Cast iron pots and pans have been around for hundreds of years, but we still get questions about whether or not you can put cast iron in the oven. The simple answer is yes. Cast iron can go in the oven.

If you’re cooking a stew on your gas stove and want to transfer it to the oven to let it cook longer at a lower temperature, there’s no need to dirty another pot. Just put your cast iron pot right in the oven.

Cast iron is a great material for baking, too. It conducts heat well, so it’ll cook your pizza crust evenly and give it a nice crispiness. If you’re baking a fruit pie, the high sides of a cast iron skillet will keep the juices contained, making for less mess in the oven.

Cast iron can even go under the broiler! If you’re broiling meat or vegetables and want to catch all those delicious juices that run off, just put your cast iron pan under them while they’re cooking.

Using cast iron in your oven is an excellent way to cook certain recipes, and it can help you make a wide range of dishes.

One common recipe that often calls for cooking in the oven is lasagna. While you might be able to make lasagna on your stovetop, it can be much easier if you use a large cast iron pan and cook it in your oven instead.

You simply need to heat some oil in the pan over medium heat, then fry your meat until it is browned. Then add garlic and onions, fry for about a minute more, then add tomato paste and crushed tomatoes.

Cast iron in the oven advices:

  • Make sure that your cast iron item pre-heated in the oven along with it.
  • Do not use soap or abrasive cleaners on it.
  • Make sure the item is dry before returning it to the oven.
  • You can also cook in a cast iron pan on top of the stove, then transfer it to the oven.