cast iron on electric cooktop

Can you use cast iron on glass cooktop? (Answered)

When you hear the name “Cast iron”, one of the first things that comes to your mind is a piece of heavyweight cookware. It could be a skillet, a pot or something as large as a Dutch oven. Cast iron is known for being inexpensive, resilient and easy to use. You can easily cook with it even without pre-heating it.

The food will hardly stick on its surface because the iron stores intense heat well and transfers the heat evenly to the dish. Cast iron is actually very versatile because it can be used in oven, on a stovetop and even in campfire

What about if you have a glass cooktop? You might be wondering if it’s safe to use cast iron on it. After all, cast iron is fragile and heavy while a glass cooktop is pretty delicate and made of glass. Cast iron can scratch the surface of a glass cooktop.

Can you use cast iron on glass cooktop?

The answer is yes but only with care. You must then follow some rules:

  • Be very careful to set the skillet gently down on the burner, never drag it across the stove so you don’t scratch it and keep a trivet close by the stove so you can lift off the skillet and set on the trivet when the item you’re cooking is done.
  • Always lift cast iron skillets when moving them rather than sliding them on a glass cooktop because it can scratch the surface of the stove.
  • Use a flat bottom cookware. Make sure that your cookware has a flat bottom or else it can scratch your glass cooktop surface permanently.
  • The difference in temperature between the hot cast iron pan and cooler surface of the glass cooktop may cause damage or breakage due to thermal shock. To prevent damage, you can use low to medium heat and preheating prevents thermal shock to the glass cooktop.
  • You can use a piece of kitchen parchment under the cast iron: Parchment paper is thin and flexible, and can easily be placed between your cast iron pan and cooktop.

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